Birds Without Wings

ISBN: 0099478986

I’m not really sure where to start with this review, because this book covers so much. It is set in a small village in Anatolia, in the finally few years of the Ottoman Empire, just before the forced separation of Turks from Greeks, and Muslims from Christian. There are a multitude of characters, sometimes they tell their own stories in first person narration, other times a third person narrator details their lives as they intertwine and grow apart.

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If you are ever in the mood for some mindless entertainment, then I can wholeheartedly recommend Crank. You can switch your brain off quite easily and enjoy. Come to think about it, it is probably best to switch your brain off, because the plot makes little sense. Switch any morals or ethics off as well, […]

He taught me how to wash, fight and pray

I really love this sorta weather. Sunny, but a little on the cold side[1] When I headed out this morning I could actually feel the chill in the air. Autumn weather, when dry, is great. And look, Paul O’Connell[2] has been named captain of Munster. I’ve a great grá for Paul, so yet another reason […]

It’s Spike. And he’s wearing a coat!

Look, James Marsters is coming to Ireland. Yes, I’m well aware that that page doesn’t say that, however part of the film wil be shot in Ireland, so I’m guessing he’ll be making the trip. If only I still thought he was the bee’s knees like I did a few years back. Met up with […]

Burlesque attitude Night-time thrill

As I wandered, not as lonely as a cloud, home on Tues[1] I noticed that the river was a funny colour. A dull red-brown shade. Do you know the way, after you’ve been out lamping and then carried home the dead rabbits, and the blood stains your jeans, but because you are away on holiday […]

The Golem’s Eye

ISBN: 0552550272 #2 in The Bartimaeus Trilogy Group Read: FFseries Although in the previous book Nathaniel said, almost promised, he wouldn’t summon Bartimaeus again, events force his hand. He needs a servant demon that he can trust trust. Well, for a certain value of trust, given the relationship between magicians and their slaves. The resistance […]

Rome – Season 1

it has been four hundred years since the founding of the Republic, and in that time Rome has grown into a mighty power. But military might, and subjugated lands don’t mean everything is happy at home. While Gaius Julius Caesar has been off subduing Gaul, the senators back home have been growing more discontented. And […]

you came to take us, all things go, all things go

The problem with finding out about great sounding/looking stuff is that you want immediate gratification. Neil Gaiman raves about a film, a fairy tale film, dark and scary and you want to go see it. Only you can’t. Cause Pan’s Labyrinth isn’t out until December. Although maybe that is an American date and maybe we’ll […]