If you search for insulting words or browse through our collection of insulting words, you may be insulted

When I was at college, suffering through a year of shite in order to become a librarian, we were introduced[1] to the world of classification, and language, keywords and descriptors. And how when you describe something you have to be accurate and careful in the language you use. You have to think about how other people might search. Extended terms, alternative spelling and all that sort of crap.

While messing about with the DDC a lot of people in my class complained about the fact that geographically Ireland was listed under the British Isles. I don’t really have a problem with that, because a geographic entity is not the same as a political one. But when Ireland is referred to as being British. Well, thats a whole different kettle of fish.

And so I must point the finger at the BBC America, who in attempting to help American’s understand some of the phrases used in their shows have launched this British American Dictionary.

And do they cover Irish terms? Of course. So already it should be British & Irish, but even worse than that, they’ve listed us as a region.

A region? not even a country, but a region. Whats that all about? The other regions are England, Scotland and Wales. How hard would it have been to ask people to chose a country?

Fecking gobshite eejits

And while I’m on the subject, is give out really just an Irish expression? Do other people not use it to mean complain too? Damnations, has this lying dictionary proved to be useful?

And while I’m giving out why can’t I manage to change my blogroll[2] I mean, everytime I click on the link to Disillusioned Lefty I tell myself, must change that spelling, as I have an extra s in there. Yet I never do.


  1. I’m not going to say taught about, because that would be a lie
  2. I’m not too fond of this word you know. I always want to type bog roll, which is totally different

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