A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any other invention in human history, with the possible exception of handguns and tequila

29 March 2006

Nuair a dhúisigh mé this morning I was so very very tired. So tired that it was the alarm clock that woke me. Normally I wake 5 minutes before the alarm goes off, then turn it off and snooze for 5 minutes when the phone alarm goes off. And after that I get a few minutes more before the radio comes on and I listen to the news.

But this morning after the first alarm went off I lay there, so not wanting to get up. I did manage to. Just as the sports news was coming on I rolled out of bed. And so the day started.

Luckily I didn’t feel so tired once I was up. But still. I demand an explanation.

The library is getting busier, all the students have exams coming up. And with easter so close they want to get as much done as possible. Which of course means that they are filling the library, and because there is nothing like a student for procrastination, they are chatting just as much as they are studying. So I have printed off new posters. Shiny new posters asking them to “be mindful of other library patrons and shut the fuck up” well, not quite.

And, as is usual with library posters, they have all been ignored.

The computer is acting a bit funny too. Just our ones, I’ve had no complaints about the student ones and can’t be arsed to investigate. Yesterday they’d connect to our LMS, Oasis Mandarin, but not d’internet. Although the rest of the pcs would. So I rang IT and was told to change the proxy settings, blah, blah,blah. So I did. And it worked. Only everytime I had to check a book in or out circulation would freeze and say it couldn’t connect. So there was I hitting F5 over and over and eventually it’d go through.

And if I changed the proxy settings back then circulation would work but not the internet.

Modern technology eh?

Luckily, I is a genius, and have Firefox installed on the computers. So I left IE with no proxy settings and was able to use it for the catalogue, and with my new proxy address and port settings was able to connect Firefox to the internet at large.


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7 Responses

  1. anne says:

    So you are.
    About those pesky students, try actual "shut the fuck up" language, that might shock them into silence.

  2. Carl V. says:

    I second those thoughts…they would notice the posters if you did put them up with that wording! Course they'd probably laugh hysterically and be all the more loud.

  3. Kelly says:

    You ARE a genius! I would have been jumping on the desk and pounding the monitor with my fists, making monkey sounds. In fact, I feel like doing that right now.

    You were chatty yesterday, remember? You probably just chatted yourself into a state of exhaustion.

  4. Ann says:

    A genius indeed and damn funny too. I love your title for the post.

  5. Along time ago I once said, to err is human but it takes a computer to fuck things up…

  6. Fence says:

    I'm glad we all feel te same way about my geni-osity.
    Anne, its a private college, the students pay a fortune so you gotta be polite to em.

    Carl, I did come across a poster by a librarian offering a cash reward for anyone who came to the desk after reading the poster. And was tempted, just to see if anyone would show up :)

    Kelly, can chatting exhaust you? I'm thinking now it is that I got too much sleep. The less sleep I get the easier it is to get up in the morning. Don't know why.

    Why, thank you Ann. I do my best to entertain.

    Sharizal, is it case of people don't fuck up other people, computers fuck everyone up?

  7. fence, actually people do fuck up but not on other ppl but on themselves, the computer is the great tool of enhancing Murphy's Law by a gajillion times… haha