The face of evil:

3 December 2004



Otherwise known as Charity Muggers. If you live in any big city I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Those smiling faces who jump out and ask if you can “spare a moment”, or ask if you can afford a bottle of water. And if you can, will you use it to save a life.

Well yes I can afford a few bottles of water, but god-damn it I do give, so no I can’t spare a few moments.

I don’t like being guilt-tripped into charity. I do give, I used to give every month, then I was unemployed and had no money so I stopped. Okay, now that I have a job again I should sign up, and I will. As soon as Christmas is over and I have money again. But it won’t be because some Chugger stops me outside the GPO and tells me about starving babies, or the effect of cataracts in Africa.

It’s not that I don’t care. Its that I hate Chuggers. Hate them hate them hate them.

You know the way cats will always go to the person in the room that doesn’t like them, well chuggers always try to stop me. Ive been asked if I have a moment, asked if I think flying carpets are viable, they’ll say anything to stop you. And it doesn’t matter if you tell them you already give, they still want you to sign up with them.

Well from now on I’m just saying no. C’mon everybody, reject the charity mugger.

Oh, btw I do give to people shaking tins and selling daffodils, bears etc., wonder why they don’t bother me so much? Maybe it is because they aren’t evil.

“Donors are often unaware that their first 10 months of donations on a typical £5-a-month direct debit will benefit a company. Only after that will the nominated charity be “in profit”.” – from This Is London

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