Hand me the fucking keys, you cocksucker, what the fuck?

You’d think that I’d have enough of catalogues and that sorta stuff at work, wouldn’t you? But you’d be wrong. A while back I stumbled across Library Thing, but didn’t use it that often. But I’ve recently returned, and have been busy adding my books. Only I don’t have too many in Dublin, many, many […]

If you search for insulting words or browse through our collection of insulting words, you may be insulted

When I was at college, suffering through a year of shite in order to become a librarian, we were introduced[1] to the world of classification, and language, keywords and descriptors. And how when you describe something you have to be accurate and careful in the language you use. You have to think about how other […]

The great thing about

The best thing working in a library is the books you come across. Now I work in a college library, so it is mainly academic titles, and usually scientific in nature. There are still some great titles out there though. Last week I came across one that was called something like The River: the coming […]

What’s your library’s mission?

Was browsing on Whedonseque when I came across a link to a very snotty article in the Denver Post. While the columnist was at his library he stumbled across “an unfortunate soul in his mid-30s checking out a half-dozen episodes of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” or some such thing, and instantly I question the function […]

The Library of Alexandria has been discovered

according to the BBC anyways: “Professor Wileke Wendrich, of the University of California, told BBC News Online that the discovery was incredibly impressive. Alexandria was a major seat of learning in ancient times and regarded by some as the birthplace of western science.” Current track: Under Your Spell by Tara (Amber Benson) from Buffy’s OMWF

College work

Well it is the end of another day in which I got no work done. Okay I did manage to make it to the library and read a couple of articles but I really wanted to have finished my website evaluation, if only to read it and tell myself “that’s shite, do it again”. Still […]