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Oh happy day

Peoples, prepare for some rejoicing, for I have wonderful news. That’s right. I am giving you reason to head out and party on this sli [...]

Royal Escape

No ISBN ; Elsewhere Set after the execution of Charles I, this book tells the story of Charles II after his forces lose the Battle of Worces [...]

There are many apostrophe’s

Yes. I know. No need to say it. I’m well aware that the plural does not take an apostrophe. But I don’t think anyone told the ad [...]

Either I’ve been missing something or nothing has been going on.

2008[1] hasn’t been so great for me and the regular blogging, has it? at least so far. All that may change, for everything changes, so [...]

Lady in the Water

This is an odd film. A very odd film.

Ever since The Sixth Sense Shyamalan has been known as the "twist guy" for his film e [...]

Armed with the rules of grammar and punctuation

Sometimes you find the bestest[1] things on the interweb. You know when you correct[2] your younger siblings’ pronunciation or spellin [...]

Hand me the fucking keys, you cocksucker, what the fuck?

You’d think that I’d have enough of catalogues and that sorta stuff at work, wouldn’t you? But you’d be wrong. A whi [...]


ISBN: 0316731005 A long time ago in China, a philosopher was asked the first thing he would do if he became ruler. The philosopher thought f [...]

How do you shoot the devil in the back? What if you miss?

When I came into work this morning there was a bio of Shane MacGowan on the desk. You know yer man from The Pogues and Fairytale of New York [...]
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