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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI’ll admit to being a fan of the first Underworld film. Not that it was a great film or anything, but it had style and an interesting premise. Although the execution was lacking it still kept me entertained enough to buy it on dvd. So I was looking forward to this sequal.

I should remember that expectations exist to be dashed :)
The film looked great. Dark and gloomy, stylish and, well, cool. But the plot and characters were a let down.

The story line was so convoluted that it needed a text introduction, aided by flashbacks to the 13th century, and then a voice-over, and then more flashback, and even then the characters had to keep repeating various plot points so that the audience would know what was going on. Or, maybe all that wasn’t needed, but the makers thought it was, so there it is, part of the film. Maybe there will be a special recut director’s edition for people who can follow a plot.

And the characters were meh. Seline was a lot more interesting in the last film, and Michael was boring. We should’ve have more Kraven, at least his all-over-the-place accent from the film was entertaining.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the film. I did, its just that it isn’t as good as the first. And if you didn’t enjoy that you won’t enjoy this. I’m not really sure why I did like it. Maybe it just the genre, or the world that Wiseman has created is interesting. Who knows? But I will be buying this on dvd, eventually.

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