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2 August 2015

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The opening voice-over to this film was almost enough to make me turn if off straight away, but then I would have had to find something else to watch, so I figured I’d give it to the first ad break and see what it was like.

End of Watch is the story of Officers Brian Taylor and Mike Zavala as they patrol their beat. It is an average enough cop film, although it has enough of a different angle that meant I felt it worth the watch. Taylor and Zavala are pretty dickish cops, and I guess more true to life than some others that have featured on the big screen. This is in essence a buddy movie. The cop and crime aspect is merely the setting and provides extra drama to it.

I can’t really recommend this film as one you should go watch. As I say it is an average enough film, albeit one with a hugely high fuck-count, the word not the deed. Most of what makes this film worth watching is the banter and interaction between the cops as they are riding along in the patrol car.

Of course the end of the film is slightly predictable Show Spoiler ▼


Another point in this film’s favour, it has Frank Grillo in a minor role as the police sergeant. Ever since Warrior I’ve been a fan of Grillo, even when he plays the bad guy1 he is still a favourite of mine. He just has that on screen charisma that makes him worth watching.

I know, I’ve killed of any interest you had in this film2 by damning it with faint praise, haven’t I? Ah well, you really aren’t missing a whole heap.

  1. Capt America for example 

  2. if you ever had any interest 

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