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1 January 2006

So, how did we all get over the christmas and the new year then?
I’ll give you a very brief recap. Went home on christmas eve’s eve, loaded down with presents. Dumped them under the tree and then dumped myself in front of the telly

Went to midnight mass on Christmas eve, only it wasn’t midnight it was at seven, but for some reason it is still called midnight mass. Reasons anyone? Twas very boring, our priest is like that priest on Father Ted with the world’s most boring voice. Only occasionally his Sligo accent will be erased by his Italian accent (He lived there for many years before returning to Ireland). I also got to see the new crib. It came all the way from Italy, and I think may have been designed to bling up the church.

You know the way a normal crib has Mary, Joeseph, some kid in a manger, maybe a few shepherds and a couple of farm animals? Well, this one already had the three kings kneeling in the straw, they are still on their way! Plus maybe five billion shepards[1] a couple of hooker-looking goose-girls, a whole flock of sheep, a camel in the middle of the stable[2] and bright and shining angels thrown around for good luck. Plus Mary was blonde. Whats up with that?

Ah well, enough with the boringness of religious ceremony, and on to the pressies. Have to say my gift of the shocking tanks went down a treat with the boys. Not only did brothers #4 & #5 give each other electric shocks, they also crept in on sleeping brothers[3] #2 & #3 and shocked them awake. Or at least semi-conscious. See you get two remote control tanks, and you fire at each other with laser-type thingies, and when your tank gets shot you get an electric shock through the handset. Fun times! Just like when you used to touch electric fences as a kid for the little kick[4] And when you lose by getting shot five times you get an extra long shock. Brother #4 was hi-larious, every time he got shocked he’d do this little kick out with his left foot. Every home should have a set of shocking tanks I tell you.

snowmanAs usual the sister got covered in presents, but her main one from Santa was one that everyone else enjoyed. A keyboard which lit up as the keys were played, but which would also light up the keys so you could play various tunes and so learn them. Everyone had a go.

I got my printer, which we later tried out and yes, it does work, but was too much hassle to try and fit into my bag so the parentals should be visiting various peoples in Dublin in a short while, and I’ll get it from them then.

I didn’t bother getting up to see the Stephen’s Day Hunt this year. Once in a while I’ll pop up to the crossroads to take a look, but wasn’t in the mood this year. I did hear that numbers were very high, so I’m thinking that maybe a few relatives from the UK were over this year?

Which leads me on to Stephen’s Night out. And horror of horrors, the Garavogue[5] has been renamed, now it is called The Left Bank, which I don’t like. Still went there though. Arrived at 7.30, and got home some time around 5. Thats all I’m saying, oh, that and vodka!beast

I also managed to take the dog (Can you spot him in the pic over on the right?) out every day I was home. Which was great as he really is getting too fat. The ickle puppy must be 5 at this stage, getting auld so he is. And that leads me neatly on to the latest pointless quiz I’ve taken:

The Dog
DOG – Your daemon may be a dog if you are loyal and
caring, and like to know what is expected of
you. You probably are very family oriented, and
have a small group of friends that you are very
close to, rather than a large group of
acquaintances. You dislike confrontation, but
you will stand up and fight for the people and
issues that you really care about. You may
prefer someone else to take the lead in a
situation, although you would rather take the
lead yourself than have the situation fall
apart. You probably enjoy routine and order,
but that doesn’t mean you don’t like to have
fun. If anything, your friends probably know
you for getting intense, child-like pleasure in
the small things in life.

What Is Your Daemon?
brought to you by Quizilla Found Via Diamond’s LJ


  1. I may admit to exaggeration here
  2. which wasn’t actually a stable at all as it had no walls. Maybe we were supposed to use our imaginations
  3. they had been out the night before so may have still been a little worse for wear
  4. what do you mean you never did that?
  5. the traditional destination for many many peoples on Dec 26th

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