Veronica Mars 1.02 – Credit Where Credit’s Due dir. by

1 January 2006

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We open with Wallace and Veronica discovering how boring their lives are, as they have no plans for the weekend. Wallace shows Veronica a flier about a party, which he vaguely wants to crash. But it is in code, the 09-ers don’t ant undesirables at their beach party.

At aforementioned party we see Duncan and a stranger chatting in a car before meeting the locals. Stranger turns out to be called Troy. And look, there is Paris Hilton. Would is be very strange of me to admit that I didn’t know who she was. I mean I recognise the name, but I’ve never seen her in anything before. Anyways, the party gets interrupted by our very old bald greaser who thinks that the 09-ers really shouldn’t be on his beach. We get a nice little slanging match between Logan and Weevil, but before things progress any further the sheriff turns up and cares everyone away. He then tells his deputy to pick up the kegs, all the boys can come to his this time. He really isn’t a good cop it he? But he is fun.

Veronica and WeevilHe also turns up in the very next scene, arresting Weevil’s grandmother for credit card fraud. No one seems to think she is responsible, not her lawyer, Cliff, the sleazerific dude from episode, not Keith whom Cliff goes to for investigation help, they seem to think Weevil may be responsible, so Veronica goes to take a quick peak. Promptly bumping into Weevil who knows exactly what she is doing. He says it wasn’t him, and when Veronica reminds him of his reputation he hits back by bringing up Veronica’s. Burn.

We get some nice interaction between Keith and the new Sheriff Lamb. He really is obnoxious isn’t he? We also get a little info on the Lilly Kane case, nothing like background exposition, but I have to say it is very well done. No info-dumps that make the viewer go Huh!

In school and Veronica has to meet with the counsellor, meeting Troy the new boy, but also discovering that Wallace has a new job in the school office, and cha-ching she sees the perfect opportunity to find information on Weevil. The counsel er has sent Veronica to join the newspaper class where she lands the job of photographer, promptly getting a job to take surfer pictures, and guess who is doing the write-up? Duncan, can we all say awkward?

Still, Wallace’s digging reveals that Weevil didn’t really have the oppertunity to do the credit card fraud, only too late. Cliff reports that Weevil has confessed, and his grandmother has been released. But she’s also been “let go” from the Ecchols house, as Logan is happy to report.

Troy bumps into Veronica just in time to help her with her persnickety-ness, but also with her flat tyre. This doesn’t go down well with Logan’s girlfriend aka Paris Hilton on her pink scooter. As Troy finishes up helping with the flat Duncan Kane turns up and offers Veronica a lift as they’ll be late if they don’t get a move on. Cue uncomfortable silence in the car, until a song brings up a Lilly-flashback, where we learn that Celeste really didn’t like the idea of Duncan and Veronica going out together.

At the beach Veronica takes photos and sends the odd wistful gaze in Duncan’s direction, before they head home that night, only to get stopped by the cops. Turns out that the car has more than a few outstanding tickets, at least one from Oct 3rd, which we already know is Lilly Kane’s anniversary, looks like they are her tickets. Both Duncan and Veronica phone home, and their respective fathers turn up to help out. Jake Kane and Keith Mars both arrive around the same time, cue more awkwardness, as Keith is convinced that Jake is somehow implicated in Lilly’s death.

We also learn that Veronica isn’t sure that her father was right, that maybe he did make an error in judgement.

Veronica still wants to help Weevil out, and enlists her father, as they head to the Neptune Grand hotel and with a great little performance persuade the hotel receptionist to give them the bill, which reveals that Caitlin (I hate typing that knowing how it is pronounced. Either pronounce it Cáit-lin, or spell it Katelin) signed for room service. Veronica prods Logan a little, revealing this detail and although he doesn’t react at all to her beyond a “prove it” as he turns away we see a little flash of something cross his face.

LoganLater on Troy invites Veronica and Wallace to a shindig, Veronica isn’t to impressed, saying she isn’t allowed mix with the first class types. But as Veronica thinks about maybe trying to let bygones by bygones Logan gives her a look, and she decides to nail him. As she goes through the phone numbers on the hotel bill we see Logan outside, going through his girlfriend’s mobile’s last dialed numbers. The one he is interested in is also on the hotel bill. Logan dials it first, and finds out that Caitlin has been seeing Chardo, weevil’s cousin and he was the one who is responsible for the credit card fraud. Logan is unimpressed, but before he manages to jump Chardo Veronica pulls biker boy into the girl’s bathroom.

Chardo thinks that Caitlin loves him. That they can live happily ever after. That he is going nowhere without Caitlin, but once they run away together he’ll write a letter.

Veronica isn’t exactly prepared to wait, so she goes to Weevil’s grandmother, and by revealing who Chardo was spending that money on persuades the grandmother to help get Weevil out of jail. Veronica waits for his reappearance and lets him know that both the cops and the 09ers are after Chardo.

Silly silly Chardo goes to Caitlin’s house, but instead of her coming to ride off into the sunset he gets jumped by Logan and pals. Before too much damage can be done the bokers show up. But we get no huge rumble, instead we get a little conversation and off-screen Logan agrees to let Weevil take Chardo. I know you aren’t fooled into thinking that everything is now okay, and we get to se Weevil’s retribution. He cuts Chardo out of the club, which means he gets jumped by the bikers instead of by the 09ers. Is that any better I wonder.

Back in the office Veronica askes her father why he went after the Kane’s. Keith doesn’t want to talk about it, that he now regrets what happened. If he had known what would happen he never would’ve gone after Jake Kane. Veronica VO reveals that she has a fake id for Lilly Kane, so she turns up to collect the outstanding ticket.Turns out that ticket reveals that Lilly was driving around, caught on camera, 2 hours after her supposed time of death. Turns out all those alibis of the Kanes had no longer hold up. As Veronica figures this out Troy turns up. She didn’t go to the party, she isn’t sorry, she made the right decision about standing by her dad and isn’t prepared to go say sorry to her old friends. We also get to see poor old Caitlin getting cut out of the cool kids table.

So, episode 2 and its still all going well, show-wise. Veronica herself is an interesting character. The voice-overs that I though would annoy me don’t, instead they do a very good job of revealing backstory and exposition, as well as giving us a hint of how Veronica is really feeling when she faces off to others. Yeah for good tv. Only I’m watching a dvd, but still, you know what I mean.

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