A swift, pure cry

Author: Siobhan Down ISBN: 9780099488163 DDC: 823.92 LibraryThing | Wikipedia | Siobhan Dowd Trust The place brought to mind a sinking ship. Wood creaked on the floor, across the pews, up in the gallery. Around the walls, a fierce March wind chased itself. Michelle Talent is the eldest of three children. Her father spends his […]

The Agony and the Ecstasy

ISBN: 0099416271
Wikipedia on Michelangelo; Michelangelo.com; Art of Florence
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This is a big book; over 750 pages of small print and crowded pages. So when I began to read and wasn’t all that impressed I thought I’d end up tossing it. The prose felt forced, stilted and somewhat boring. But as I read on I did get more and more interested. At the same time however, the style of prose doesn’t really improve. I enjoyed the book while reading it, but it was never a case that I simply couldn’t put the book down. In fact on a few occasions I wasn’t all that bothered to pick it up.

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Wheel of Time

Crossroads of Twilight

ISBN: 1841491837
Wheel of Time #10

This was a reread for me, I first read it when the hardback was released a few years ago. Sped through it and then said, in disgust, Nothing Happened. But as the newest book in this series came out recently I figured I’d take a skim through in preparation. Lucky I did, as I didn’t remember anything from this book. Apart from the very very end. And I think the reason is that nothing actually happens in this book, apart from one thing. At the end.

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