What is it good for?

23 January 2006

So someone posted about the bad writing in The Historian, and the Grumpy Old Bookman linked and now, boy and girls, it is all out WAR! Just take a browse through the comments. I do tink everyone needs ta buy demselves a bottle of cop on.

And because today is Monday, and Luna Nina says:

  1. Alone::
  2. Science::
  3. Deposit::
  4. Faithful::
  5. Tender::
  6. Chocolate::
  7. Homework::
  8. Tamper::
  9. Friend::
  10. Wire::

I say

  1. Alone:: ashes in the fridge. See, now I’ve got to explain this one. ALONE is the name of a group that helps the elderly. It was set up by a fireman sometime, and in our religion book in 5th class the foundation story was told. And the teacher had one of the boys read it. Only he read ashes in the fireplace as ashes in the refridgerater. Cue much laughter.
  2. Science:: biology
  3. Deposit::account
  4. Faithful::feckless
  5. Tender:: young
  6. Chocolate:: Dairymilk
  7. Homework:: no more
  8. Tamper:: evidence
  9. Friend:: in need
  10. Wire:: bird on a / trap

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10 Responses

  1. NineMoons says:

    Alone:: wolf
    Science:: GOD
    Deposit:: account
    Faithful:: rendition
    Tender:: is the night
    Chocolate:: mmmmmmmmm
    Homework:: GROAN
    Tamper:: proof
    Friend:: D
    Wire:: less

  2. Carl V. says:

    Alone:: shark
    Science:: monkeys
    Deposit:: Return
    Faithful:: loyal
    Tender:: Love Me
    Chocolate:: good song, good dessert, good movie
    Homework:: sucks, glad I no longer have any
    Tamper:: tweak
    Friend:: psychic
    Wire:: we doing this?

  3. Carl V. says:

    Nine Moons! Love the wolf!!!

    Good lord, read those Historian comments and people are pretty nuts! Don't know that I agree with the whole good reader/bad reader argument. I would be the first to be dressed down by a literary critic for loving books like Dracula and Tale of Two Cities and also loving Conan stories, The Stainless Steel Rat books, etc. I like to think that I am a discerning reader but that definition really only means that I know what "I" like and what books I think are good in meeting my desires at the moment. I read for the love of reading and can tell if things are really off, but I sure don't go into a book looking to read it critically for errors, etc. That would make me a bad reader by their definitions but certainly not by my own. There are few books that I have read that I haven't finished but I also like to believe that I put a good deal of thought into what I read before hand and tend to pick out things I know I will end up enjoying. Quite the flame war going on over there Fence, thanks for pointing it out.

  4. Fence says:

    Carl I think you have the right way of reading a book. If you like something then you like it, why look for errors?
    If however you are one of those people who don't really look but still spot the mistakes then you don't get to enjoy trashy novels. Which is a pity, imo.

  5. banzai cat says:

    Good lord indeed! I swear I could feel my ears burning after I read that thread. It's the usual good reader/bad reader-good writing/bad writing war again.

    I concur that reading should be enjoyed by all. However, I was confused: why are these lit crit types trying to dissect bestselling books? Like trying to do an examination of The Da Vinci Code. You normally don't expect lit standards, right? Of course I'm sure there are bestselling books that are also literary fiction but isn't life too short to read a book and then complain vehemently that you wasted your life doing so? Time would be better spent reading a better book I think.

  6. Kelly says:

    Well, now all the wind is out of my sails, because I was looking forward to reading The Historian, not having read review one about it before today. I guess I don't feel so bad now, being #101 on the waiting list at the library… BTW, I gave up on Jane Smiley entirely; I think it was a fluke she won the Pulitzer Prize for A Thousand Acres, which was *yawn, okay. My new fave is Haven Kimmel. She looks about 14 on the back cover; geeeez. She's an amazing writer, which is totally depressing.

  7. Fence says:

    Banzai I think that the people giving out were moaning about this huge advance that she got and why couldn't they make money ;)

    Kelly, don't be put off by the flame war. Loads of people loved it. But in the mean time enjoy Kimmel, the name is familar but I've never read anything by her.

  8. NineMoons says:

    Agree with Banzai Cat. Why look for literature where literature is not? What is wonderful is when you think something's going to be a trashy romance/sci-fi/fantasy thing, but you find that it's written well and has great characters which lift it above its humble roots.
    Given a choice between people reading NYT bestsellers like Dan Brown's stuff or not reading at all, I'd plump for the former, every time.

  9. Andi says:

    # Alone:: scary
    # Science:: experiment
    # Deposit:: dough
    # Faithful:: religious folk
    # Tender:: buttons
    # Chocolate:: bunnies
    # Homework:: need to do it
    # Tamper:: lock
    # Friend:: bestest
    # Wire:: computer

  10. Heather says:

    Alone:: all the time
    Science:: department
    Deposit:: money
    Faithful:: dog
    Tender:: love
    Chocolate:: bar
    Homework:: due
    Tamper:: with
    Friend:: o' mine
    Wire:: tap