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25 February 2010

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some secrets are best left buried...

ISBN: 9781841497327 DDC: 813.6
Book 9 in the Otherworld series[1]
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To call Portia Kane a waste of space was being charitable.

The plot of Living with the dead revolves around the character of Robyn; recently widowed she has moved to LA and taken a job in PR with Portia Kane, a Paris Hilton-type celebrity. Or wannabe celebrity. But when Portia is murdered Robyn finds herself the main suspect and in her confusion makes a break for it. She is helped out by her best friend, Hope Adams, and her boyfriend, Karl Marsten.

If you’ve read any of Armstrong’s other Otherworld books then you may recognise those names. Karl is a werewolf, and Hope is half-demon. Robyn however knows nothing of the supernatural world so it is lucky for her her friends do as the real murderer is a clairvoyant and she has just been caught up in a supernatural turf war.

Working your way through a series backwards shouldn’t usually be done. But there I was, just finished Frostbitten, and there Living with the dead. Sitting on the book shelf. Of course I picked it up. Besides, if I’m getting technical with my made up designations, then this is an Otherworld ‘verse novel. It obviously follows on from some plot points and characters Show Spoiler ▼

but I’ve read enough in the ‘verse to have a pretty good idea who the characters were.

This book is told through multiple narrators. None are first person, but I still found it a little distracting at first. I guess I’m just not used to reading chapter titles! Still I soon got over that initial “wait, who’s this again” that bothered me at first.

I have to say that I only really really enjoy the Elena/werewolf novels in this series. I still enjoyed this, and read it til far too late in the night, but it isn’t one that I would reread. It is a page-turner, and a quick read, and if you’ve liked any others by Armstrong then you’ll know what to expect from this. And you should enjoy it.

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