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27 January 2006

So there I was, browsing the Irish Blogs aggregator thingie, when I came across this animal rights site. The reason it caught my attention was that the campaign being posted about is an anti-circus one.

Since the launch of our campaign with Animal Defenders International we have been able to show the public the true findings of a secret investigation into the dark, cruel side of circuses

Personally I haven’t seen any of these secret investigations, but for the sake of argument lets pretend I have. *imagination turned on*
So now I’m conflicted. I’m totally opposed to animal cruelty, and would hate to see any animal mistreated, but come on, the only reason to go to the circus is to see the animals. Heffalumps and performing dogs are the attractions. Not the clowns. Not the acrobats. Sure they can be entertaining, but if there isn’t an elephant it isn’t a circus.

So a question for the animal defenders people, is it the abuse you want to stop, or jut animals in circuses?

If it is just the abuse then I think a campaign to have an organisation something like they have in the film industry would be more useful. You know that disclaimer that goes on the end of films that have had animals, like the American Humane’s “No Animals Were Harmed” statement.

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4 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    Hey, I want an imagination button!! Where'd you find yours? No wait, don't tell me.

    I really hate circuses. The only thing I would find amusing about one is if a lion ate a clown, but that would – frankly – be animal abuse, so I guess I'm against it. I like cotton candy, though.

  2. Kelly says:

    Oh, I keep forgetting to tell you that every time I pull up your page, another little piece of my heart is eaten away by that picture of Adam Baldwin. Familiary does NOT breed contempt. I'd say it breeds a fair amount of sweaty lust.

  3. Kelly says:

    "Familiarity" also breeds sweaty lust. Floo.

  4. Alan says:

    Obviously it's the abuse, but the sad fact is that by the very nature of circuses, the animals will be abused. The one thing goes with the other. The animals will be kept in cramped conditions, subjected to constantly being transported in those same conditions, and treated cruelly in order to force them to perform tricks for the amusement of the audience.

    You can read PETA's report on circuses here.