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30 December 2004

My one eyed-cat before? I don’t think so (and I even went to the bother of doing a little browse and didn’t find any reference to her.) I may be wrong of course, but don’t tell anyone.

Okay, so a while back we got a kitten, she was very purty, and very playful. My lil sis named her Missy.
I think she thinks of herself as more of a dog than a cat. She hates being left in a room by herself, and sprawls on the floor just like a big hound. I think she got this from our Shady. Despite all their fights they are great company for each other.

Shady is a fairly big dog, a cross between a lab and a dalmatian. So you’d think that little cat might be scared of him. Not at all. At this moment she she play-fighting with him. This often ends up with her head entirely inside her mouth. He however is gentle with her, she isn’t. Often she bites his lip, hanging on until he knocks her off with his head.Shady

Anways, Missy usually spends all her time indoors. She pops outside for a run and to chase birds and mice, but rarely for more than an hour or so. Couple of weeks back she disappeared for the day. We all got a little worried, and we should have been. She finally turned up, blood all over her face, and obviously not a happy cat. It was night-time at this stage, so when she curled up on a seat we left her alone, with some water and food.

Next day, after the dog had cleaned her up she looked like this:
Plus she was very clearly not happy.

But after her trip to the vet, and getting pumped full of painkillers and anitbiotics she perked right up, apart from her eye. Which eventually turned red, then blue.
The Bloody Eye

By this stage, I had started my new job in Dublin. But I got a phonecall telling me that de mudder had had to being her back in, and the vet had taken the eye out. (She also got done ie no kittens, at the same time). So we now have a one-eyed cat, who should now be called Missing according to one of the brothers:

Yes that last one is a crappy photo, that didn’t upload properly for some reason. But despite the fact that she loves computers (and is sitting on the monitor watching me type at the mo’) she never sits still long enough to get a nice photo. Or maybe I just haven’t tried recently.

Anyways, now you know the story of Missy, the one-eyed cat.

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