College work

17 November 2003

Well it is the end of another day in which I got no work done. Okay I did manage to make it to the library and read a couple of articles but I really wanted to have finished my website evaluation, if only to read it and tell myself “that’s shite, do it again”. Still its not due till Friday, but I know I won’t do anything tomorrow, I never do on a tues what with having to get up at 9 in the morning for my lab at 10. Will try to do the Biblio. practical work though. Get it out of the way.

Spent a lot of time today listening to songs and then deleting albums off the player. Trying to decide now if I should get rid of the Smashing Pumpkins, actually don’t click on that link, its just a blank page. Maybe its under construction. Click here instead.

Also spent a lot of time looking at The Young Riders fan sites. Can’t believe how old that series is, I used to love it. And the surprising thing is that I remember a lot of what the fan sites commented on. Wonder if they will ever release it on DVD, and if so will I buy it? My fav character used to vary between Kid & Jimmy, but I think in the end Jimmy nudged ahead. The Kid was just too nice, Jimmy had that bit of a bad boy with a heart of gold that everyone loves, right? lot of those sites haven’t been updated in quite a while, but then again the show did finish up back in 1992, I think.

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