Ultraviolet 1.03 – Sub Judice dir. by

4 December 2005

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I’m really enjoying this show. It isn’t the fastest-moving show in the west, but it isn’t slow either. I really like the way we never really know the leeches motives, and so we question the actions of the squad along with Mike.

Sub Judice starts off with an attack in an underground car park, but Marion Wainwright faints, and the two muggers are brutally killed before she regains consciousness. Yet there is no sign of the murdering rescuer on the CCtv, so the squad[1] are called in to investigate whether or not it is a Code V.

There are no obvious reasons as to why any leech would have protected Wainwright, at first, but further investigation reveals a dead husband, a dead work colleague and a pregnant Wainwright. But the pregnancy is not a normal one, and everyone is very interested in whether or not the leechs are experimenting with half-breeds.

And so we get more on whether or not any leech has a right to existence. March is asked if she has ever performed a termination, no question really of asking Wainwright, a woman who has suffered numerous miscarraiges.

The others are also interested in why exactly the leeches want to create hybrids. After all they may, possibly, be able to go out in the sunlight, but they will be mortal. Might not have the strength. And it is also possible that they’ll have all the weakness of both sides of the gene-pool.

This is a March-centered episode, mainly, and Harker does a really good job. The doc could so easily be nothing but a coldly scientific character, but Harker giver her just enough life to make her more than two-dimensional.

My favourite episode of the series so far, Sub Judice raises more questions about the leeches emotions than it answers. We also get to see how faith, on both sides, and religion can impact on the Code Vs.

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  1. I’m not really sure what else I should call them

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