Smokin’ Aces dir. by

19 January 2007

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usYou know I really wanted to enjoy this film. The trailer promised gunfights and bullets and blood and gore, but all in a flashy, enjoyable way. The film didn’t deliver.

It was far too much of a muddle, and it seemed as though it wasn’t really sure what sort of a film it wanted to be. Was it a serious crime film? A buddy-cop film? A flashy film heaving with comedy and violence? It tried to be all of them, and failed, ending up as a mess of a wannabe stylish flick.

Don’t get me wrong, it had some good scenes, some laughs and some style, it just didn’t work as a whole. If only it had decided whether it wanted to go dark and serious or violence and fun.

The Aces of the title is Buddy ‘Aces’ Israel, who knows a hell of a lot about the workings of a crime family that the FBI would love to put away, so when they hear about a hit on him they go to work in an attempt to protect him and get him to give evidence. But agents Messener and Caruthers aren’t the only ones after Aces. There are the bail bondsmen determined to track him down, and then there is a whole host of assassins out to collect the bounty on his head. We all know this won’t end without a lot of bloodshed.

Blood there is in bucketloads, but very little else.

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