Ultraviolet 1.05 – Terra Incognita

The second last ever episode sees a bleeding refugee arrive in the UK from Brazil, turns out that he has been receiving special treatment from doctors for his haemophilia in Brazil, and now is looking for Dr. March, not Angie but her husband. Her husband who is dust in the “vampire-prison” after being taken.

vaughanNot only that but it turns out there are caskets being flown in. The squad manage to capture one, and set off in pursuit of the others.

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Ultraviolet 1.03 – Sub Judice

I’m really enjoying this show. It isn’t the fastest-moving show in the west, but it isn’t slow either. I really like the way we never really know the leeches motives, and so we question the actions of the squad along with Mike.

Sub Judice starts off with an attack in an underground car park, but Marion Wainwright faints, and the two muggers are brutally killed before she regains consciousness. Yet there is no sign of the murdering rescuer on the CCtv, so the squad[1] are called in to investigate whether or not it is a Code V.

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  1. I’m not really sure what else I should call them

Ultraviolet 1.02 – In Nomine Patris

So episode two and Mike has left the police and joined the “leecher” hunting squad.

In Nomine Patris starts off in a nursing home of some description. And then the appearance of this episode’s Code V, in a fancy-ass car with blacked out window to protect him from the sun. Or at least it protects him until he has a run in with a motorcyclist who ends up taking a crowbar to those tinted windows, sunlight gets in and our vamp goes on up in flames. Well starts to, before he drives off, knocking over the motorcycle and Mr. Road Rage’s passenger.

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Ultraviolet 1.01 – Habeas Corpus

I have only the vaguest memories of this show, it aired back in the late 90’s, but there was only 6 episodes made. Think I only actually watched one, but what I saw interested me, so when I spotted the season on sale I thought, what the hell, may as well give it a go.

For most of this episode it could be pretty much any police drama. We have an officer (Jack Davenport, you know, from Pirates of the Caribbean) whose partner is celebrating his stag night as the episode opens. So straight away we know that either the floppy haired partner will die, or turn out evil.

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