Dark sarcasm ought to be taught in schools

I’ve had Sky News on in the background for more than an hour now while I was reading, and then surfing. Nothing but the story on the police officer shot in Bradford. Of course this is a tragedy, but isn’t this level of coverage a little over done considering they don’t actually have anything at all to say, apart from the fact that two female officers were shot, one injured in hospital, the other dead.

And are they ever making a huge deal out of the fact that it was a woman who died. As if that makes any difference.

Why the hell is everyone making such a big deal out of the fact that this police officer was female? A cop is a cop is a cop. Would it be okay if the officer was a man? Would that make it okay for his family, and friends? Why is the death of a woman so often regarded as worse than the death of a man? I just don’t get it.

Plus they have a whole load of messages from serving police officers going on about how they should all be armed. Cause that’d make a huge difference wouldn’t it. Look how well the London police did with their guns in the Underground.

I’m also wondering about these text messages they are reading out. How do they verify that they are really police officers?

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