Dark sarcasm ought to be taught in schools


  1. You remind me of the gangster from "Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai":

    (qouting from memory)
    Gangster 1: What have you done, you just shot a woman!
    Gangster 2: Dont be such a chauvinist pig; I shot a cop! They wanna be equal, I made her equal.

  2. Why is the death of a woman so often regarded as worse than the death of a man?
    because equality only works one way ?

    By the way just came across the site go to say good use of firefly quotes

  3. Fence

    NM, but you are missing out on so… na, you aren't missing much.
    Lemeul I always meant to watch that Ghost Dog film, now I have another reason.
    Simon, welcome. I agree, it is like a lot of people want women and men to be equal, but a fake surface equality. Equal is equal.
    Dena, that is exactly what Sky News do. But it usually makes for okay background sound, and of course compulsive "car crash tv" when something really terrible is going on.
    Anne, I never thought of that. Evil chauvinists.

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