Oscar fever

just didn’t hit this year. I was vaguely interested, but to be honest I haven’t even looked up most of the results yet. But never fear, for Carl has an entry on the Oscars and the dresses. Photo from IrishRugby.ie He is our heartbeat. He just drives and drives us on

You can go to the end of time, the last World Cup in the history of mankind, and the All-Blacks will be favourites for it

So I got out of bed with surprising ease this morning. Dressed in my Irish top I almost poisoned myself with sour milk, but spotted that there was something wrong with the tea and poured it down the sink. And headed off round the corner to The Woolshed Baa and Grill[1] Within 30 minutes we […]

Paul O’Connell sleeps with the lights on because the dark is afraid of him

Sunday morning dawned with blue skies and a trip to the christening. Then the aftermath and the chatting, the ooohing and awwing over the baby. But as the clock got closer and closer to 3 the boys began to look at their watches. The telly in the kitchen went on. There was a half argument […]


I’ll admit to being a Neil Gaiman fan, so I’ve been waiting for this film for quite a while, and although I try not read reviews of films I haven’t seen, I had read a few negative remarks about this film. However, I am pleased to report that the film lived up to all my […]

Never can a team have lurched so violently from the ridiculous to the sublime as Ireland

I’ve become a bad player in two weeks according to a lot of people but there’s not much I can do about Saturday’s game now

Poor Geordan. Don’t worry, we forgive you. And more importantly we all know you aren’t a bad player. Yes you made a mistake or two, but we still think you’re great.

To spare the rugby-phobes ;) there is more, but I’ve hidden it under the cut. So I have.

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If you take credit for the sun, you can’t complain when it rains

Why do I even bother watching sport anymore? Every team I support is shit. Worse than shit. I’ve mostly given up on even looking for Villa’s results. The Irish football team couldn’t even beat an average under-11’s. And the rugby team? Honestly, I thought that game against the All-Blacks was bad, but today, against Australia. […]