I am overthrown

There are times in life when one really despairs of mankind[1] . Today I went to see The Dukes of Hazzard. In a way I was looking for a shite film. I mean, after Serenity any film was bound to suffer, but OMFG Dukes is the worst excuse for entertainment I have seen in a long long long long long[2] time. It has nothing at all that could possibly redeem it.

But boring and shite as it was there was one good thing about my trip to the kino tonight…

They played the trailer for Serenity

Can I get a W00T!!!!! But I still don’t like that I gotta wait till Oct before I can go see it again. Life is so unfair.


  1. in the old english sense of man meaning people, I’m not excluding women here. I mean look at Jessica Simpson
  2. I could go on, but I suppose you get the message

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