Couple of Things

10 December 2004

So how is everyone’s Christmas shopping coming?
I’ve a few got, but more to get. Still, seemed very christmas-y yesterday, was wrapping presents when the Budwiser ad came on the telly. You know the one “wishing you and yours the very best this holiday season”. All I need now is to see that ancient Penny’s ad and I’ll be happy (small chance of that though).

Anyone read Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials? According the BBC website the film version will not feature any reference to God. Now I thought that was a central part of the books…

Have also heard that the head programmer at, disappeared on November 6th in Sandpoint, Idaho.

“A young, healthy man, Daniel, 29, is known for his reliability… a stand up guy. Not the sort to take off on a flight of fancy. No one believes that his disappearance is voluntary. Something happened to Daniel Clune, and his family and friends need to know just what that something is. Please consider featuring the story of Daniel’s disappearance. The key to finding him is out there somewhere, but has not yet been found. Exposure is badly needed.”

Some links:

Find Danny

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