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10 July 2004

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So how is everyone? I know, been very bad about updating and even being online lately. Ah well, what can I say apart from I’m just lazy. I could make stupid excuses about moving, and job-hunting but I won’t because they’d just be silly excuses. The real reason I haven’t updated is because my life is kinda on the boring side, and I don’t even do so much surfing so no new and interesting sites to mention.

But in the month or so since I’ve been online regularly there have been a few things I wanted to comment on; first of all I’ll just plug Firefly again. If you haven’t seen it go try and catch an episode or two.

Right, down to business:

Now those who’ve read this blog over the past however long its been up and running will know that I am not George W. Bush’s biggest fan. Neither do I think that his influence on America has been a positive one, but I think that the way the media has started to be automatically anti-americanish has gone too far. My reason; well recently Today fm had a competition to send people to the states in celebration of the 4th of July. But part of the competition involved poking fun at Bush. Now is it just me or it that just plain ridiculous. Why on earth would poking fun at the president of a country be seen as a celebration of that country?

Issue two: Euro 2004.

Well is was a surprise wasn’t it? But I wanted Portugal to win. Still nice to see a total surprise like Greece coming out on top. Oh, and by the way all you England supporters, I have to agree with the ref. Wasn’t a goal. After all Terry’s hand was on the goalie, if it had been the other way around you all would have agreed that the goal wasn’t one. Still to go out on penalties is never a good thing.

Overall think this years Euro championship was really entertaining, good football and despite the lack of big names it kept me interested all the way through. But have to ask; that Pauoletta fella who plays for Portugal- anyone know if he has ever managed to get the ball on target before. He was atrocious.

Topic three: kittens.

Well just the one actually. We got a new cat at home, a teeny little thing who has absolutely no brains whatsoever as she keeps attacking the dog. I mean, she could fit in his mouth twice over. Despite that she scrapes and bites his mouth with only our “No’s” keeping him from snapping his jaws shut around her. Not that he wants to hurt her, think he enjoys playing with her, it’s just that he is so much bigger than she is. Ah well, I suppose she’ll grow up and hopefully get a bit of sense eventually. Either that or end up as the dog’s dinner.

Hmmm, any other business?
Nope, think thats it for now. I hope to be online more often now that I’m kinda sorted. Til the end of the month anyway when I have two interviews. Hopefully one will lead to a job. COurse that will also lead to another move as, more than likely, I’ll be heading back to Dublin. But sure I’ll make those excuses later on :)

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