The king of cups expects a picnic, but this is not his birthday.

12 April 2006

I have nothing to say. Well, this isn’t actually true. There are things on the tips of my fingers[1] but I don’t actually know what they are. So I find myself typing the start of a sentence. Stopping, rereading and going Huh. Don’t think I meant to say that. And deleting.

Other people can post on issues like god[2] , society, the nature of humanity[3] shopping[4] fun in Paris[5] I can’t even get a sentence out.

Obviously, I’m lying. Because look at all those sentences. But at the same time, its the truth, because they are all saying nothing. The noise to data ratio on this post would suggest that yes, empty vessels make most noise. And have you ever heard an empty delivery lorry[6] roll past? Noisy is an apt description.

Still, 4 day week, so its all good. Off on Friday, and Monday for Easter. And I’m taking the following Monday off cause I’ve got a christening to go to. So that is three whole 4-day-weeks. What could be better?[7] And I may even go take a peak at the whole Easter Rising commemorations, and to get in the mood I’ve just started reading On Another Man’s Wound[8] which doesn’t actually deal all that much with the Rising, but with the aftermath. And it is well writen too, which is always a bonus.

Oh yeah, and whats the deal with BSG and its frakkin flashbacks. This is, what the third? episode in a row to start near the end and then use the whole 92 hours earlier crap. Get over it. Just tell the story and stop fucking about. I mean, it’d be different if there was a reason, but there doesn’t seem to be one, apart from the fact that they think flashbacks and jumps in time are cool. And yes, they can be, but not when done for no reason. Don’t they know that trying to be cool means you aren’t. Oz never tried to be cool. He simply was. As Yoda once said, there is no try.[9]

Well now, for a post that started off the way this one did, there sure is a lot of words. And, while I checked my spelling[10] of Orthodox I discovered that there is such a thing as a Tea Glossery. People can devote entire websites to tea, but I can’t even think coherently enough to write a comment.


  1. hardly my tongue, unless I have a very unorthodox typing style
  2. Kelly
  3. Forgotten Machine
  4. just cause it aint a big issue don’t make it any the less entertaining
  5. anne
  6. lorry or truck, whats the difference?
  7. Don’t say three weeks off
  8. Amazon link
  9. Unless you are Shane Horgan
  10. no. I don’t check most of the time, and haven’t checked anything else. I just couldn’t decided if it was othodox or othadox

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13 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    Now honey, I understood every.single.word. you wrote, a fact which may or may not drive you to suicide. To tell you the truth, I wish I'd never WRITTEN that stupid post yesterday. I'm exhausted. I wish I'd jest wrote about dat dere rugby, especially since I know NOTHING about rugby, and tend to confuse it with football, and/or goat tossing. You would have had the opportunity to tear my post to bits! With my blessing! Think of all the fun you've missed!

    I'll be sure to give you another chance soon. Have an absolutely awesome holiday/vacation, Fencer.

  2. Kelly says:

    Oh, but don't start your holidays until Friday, in case I confused you. And also, you know what I hate about BSG? The flash FORWARDS. Do they still do that in season 3? Something always gets spoiled. I just avert my eyes now.

  3. Fence says:

    Goat tossing is an extremely sophisticated sport Kelly. i don't think you'd've confuddled it with anything. But to be honest, even had the topic of your post been this exalted sport of tossers I couldn't say that'd I'd have been any more coherant.

    But I liked the post you did write. I'm just finger-tied (I'm over doing it with the whole typing not speaking thing amn't I?)

  4. Fence says:

    We're only on season two Kells. Unless you are counting the mini-series as a season. In which case yes they do have the "flashes of the upcoming excitiment, just in case you've switched on, thought the previously on was boring and are about to switch off. Look at all the exciting scenes you may miss" I don't mind them so much cause it lets them play that cool music for a few seconds longer.

  5. anne says:

    That 9th footnote is a gem.
    And because I'm a cheeky monkey, I also loved the whole paragraph and footnote about spell-checking.

  6. Fence says:

    The 9th footnote, or Horgan himself?

  7. Kelly says:

    I love people who use the term "cheeky monkey."

    Are you only watching the dvds of BSG? Or is the second season currently being broadcast? It's already out on dvd here; that's what I've been watching. Well, I was – until the video store frakked it up and lost the last two discs. Yup.

    In my opinion, Fency, you're interesting even when you're fingertied. I could suggest you go ahead and type with your tongue, though, since you've done it before. And spout as much nonsense as you want to! We love nonsense! (That's the royal 'we')…

  8. Fence says:

    Aye, season two is the most recent. We've just had the episode with the cylon raider "Scar" is you've seen that?

  9. anne says:

    The footnote, and your combined use of Yoda and Horgan.

  10. Fence says:

    Yeah, inspiration hit. I still haven't recovered ;)

  11. Kelly says:

    Hm, no… Scar? Sounds intriguing…
    I left off where Gaius was telling the captured Cylon (from Pegasus) that she looks just like his girlfriend. Chief built the Blackbird, and Starbuck flew the frakk out of it. They're just cutting ties with the Pegasus because the Admiral wants to break up Galactica's team. I left off on a "to be continued" episode! I can't believe it! urgh!!!</spoiler>

  12. kyknoord says:

    Has anyone else noticed this disturbing trend where 'I got nothing' posts invariably end up being highly entertaining?

  13. Fence says:

    Okay so Kelly you have 3 or 4 more episodes before this one. And almost all of them are flashback ones.

    So, Kyknoord, what you are saying is that my other posts where I "got something" aren't entertaining. Fine.

    be like that