Van Helsing dir. by

7 May 2004

Cast: , , ,
Rated :

After seeing the trailer for this film for what seems like years (I’m talking to you to bloody day after tomorrow trailer that just won’t go away), I figured I knew what to expect from this film; cg axn similar to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a couple of monsters and hopefully a bit of fun similar to what we got from the first Mummy film. But the more I saw the trailer the less impressed I was. Went into the film without much hope for a good film.

And was pleasantly surprised. Now don’t get me wrong, this is NOT a good film. But it entertaining, with plenty of action, if not a lot of character or story or meaning or anything apart from fights and “ooh look at that” moments.
While I’m on this topic, why do films seem to be into speeding up galloping horses lately? I noticed it in Hidalgo and now in this film, am I the only one who thinks it looks crap?

The basic plot revolves around Mr. Gabrial Van Helsing, a 19th century male version of Buffy (not really), who travels round Europe dealing with evil beings, such as Mr. Hyde (who seems to have come direct from LXG). But he is a man with no memory, no idea of where he came from. Withdrawn from humanity, and a little on the abrupt side (hang, was Hugh playing Van Helsing, or Logan? Joking, he isn’t anywhere near as hot here as in X-Men). He plays it well, nice swirling coat, messing about with weapons and battling evil, but it is a little repetitive. And not terribly exciting seeing pretty much the exact same thing happen again and again.

The Vamps are pretty cool, when they put their game faces on you certainly notice, but they are very clichéd. Although I have to admit that I thought the evil offspring thingies were cute. In an evil, bloodsucking way of course, but cute nonetheless.

Biggest flaw of this film; the ending. Pass the puke bucket please!
Still was not as bad as I had thought, and there are a few good lines in it. And the fights were pretty cool looking.

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