Seabiscuit [based on book] by dir. by

16 November 2003

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Went to see this film last night, and really really enjoyed it. Course I am a horse-person, but have never been a huge fan of horse racing. And you don’t need to be in order to enjoy this film.

Based on the book by Laura Hillenbrand this film is really a drama, with a sport as an element, not a sports film with a little bit of drama.

I had seen a film long long ago on the same topic, but don’t really remember much apart from the fact that it was about a racehorse with a funny name. This film really is one to savour. It may be called after the horse, but the horse isn’t the star, instead it is the film that shines, and Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges and Chris Cooper are all great in their roles of jockey, owner and trainer. All with ghosts of their own in a time when hope was really what as needed.
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