The Producers dir. by

8 January 2006

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    If you go see this film looking for nothing more than simple entertainment then you should come out entirely satisfied. It made me laugh, although the songs, with the exception of Springtime for Hitler, didn’t really do anything for me, little boring and watching it you’d wish they had left a few out.

    The plot, for those that don’t know, concerns Max Bialystock, a theatre producer who can be counted on to give audiences the worst plays possible. But when an accountant (Leo Bloom) suggests that through creative accounting, a dishonest producer could make more with a flop than a hit, Bialystock sees an opportunity.

    Together Bialystock and Bloom set about finding the worst script, the worst director and the worst actors in an attempt to create a flop and make millions.

    I’m also wondering were the fake oirish accents supposed to be that Jamaican in places? And was Ulla’s accent supposed to wander so much?

    Entertaining enough, with plenty of smiles and a few good laughs, but not fantastic overall.

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