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The Lantern (group read, week 1) by

When Carl first mentioned this group read I said I wouldn’t join in. I’m still on a no buying books…

The pink cage by

Astrid is a bitch. She doesn’t see herself that way, but as I started this novel I really didn’t like…

Bourne Double Pack [based on the books] by dir. by ,

As in The Bourne Identity And The Bourne Supremacy
Both based on the novels by Robert Ludlum. No spoilers.

I remember really enjoying The Bourne Identity when I watched it first. But for some reason I never saw the sequel, but with the third out now in the cinemas I thought this is an ideal opportunity to catch up. And when I spotted the dvd set of the pair was only 18 euro I nabbed it.

I haven’t watched any of the extras yet, so can’t comment on those, but I really enjoyed the films. The are the perfect blend of reality and fantasy violence.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind dir. by

So you fall in love with someone, things go badly and you break up. Whats the next step? Why deleting…

The South by

ISBN: 0330323334 Colm Tóibín has recently been in the news for his new book, The Master which tells the story…

Death of an Ordinary Man by

ISBN: 0743252276 Nathan is dead. Only problem is that he doesn’t really know what’s going on. He is stuck with…

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