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5 September 2007

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As in The Bourne Identity And The Bourne Supremacy No spoilers.

I remember really enjoying The Bourne Identity when I watched it first. But for some reason I never saw the sequel, but with the third out now in the cinemas I thought this is an ideal opportunity to catch up. And when I spotted the dvd set of the pair was only 18 euro I nabbed it.

I haven’t watched any of the extras yet, so can’t comment on those, but I really enjoyed the films. The are the perfect blend of reality and fantasy violence.

The first film opens with a man floating in the ocean. He is rescued by some fishermen who also remove the bullets from his back, as well as a laser with bank account details from his hip. But this fella has lost his memory. He doesn’t know who shot him, or why, or what sort of a person would have a bank account number under his skin. So he sets out to find out.

This is Jason Bourne, our hero, for lack of a better word. And he spends the first film driving around in a Mini, beating up and occasionally killing people who try to stop him. He also has a companion. Marie, he picked her up when he offered her ten thousand to drive him from Switzerland to Paris, although why he didn’t just offer ten grand for the Mini I really don’t know. Possibly this has something to do with plot and actually having someone for Bourne to talk to. Whatever the non-existent-but-convenient-for-the-plot reason, I don’t care, as I liked Marie and her constant “sheise”

The second film starts with Bourne off living a life in India. But someone is after him, and they get his attention, so he does what any good trained-killer does, he goes after the people after him.

Both of the films are quite similar in look and feel. Up close violence with Bourne often forced to improvise on the weapons front. My favourite moment has to be the whole going into battle with nothing but a ball-point pen from the first film. But the second also has him use a rolled-up newspaper. To the well-trained everything is a deadly implement. In a way Bourne’s style of fighting reminded me of Batman Begins, and it is filmed in a somewhat similar style. Up close and personal, meaning you don’t get the whole picture, but you do get the impression of a fast and furious encounter.

They are a little clichéd in their plots. Amnesiac hero must figure out who he is. And on occasion the dialogue is just silly. But that doesn’t matter, because these two films are fun, and from an action film, what more could you want? The violence is of the very-best. Off-screen if it is too nasty, real enough that you feel it, but not so much that you might be put off Bourne himself. He is our hero after all. For an action film this is top-notch.

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8 Responses

  1. Rod says:

    there were originally only three books, but Ludlums estate hired Eric Van Lustbader to write a fourth. So possibly we will see another movie.

  2. Harlequin says:

    I just went to see the last Bourne last night. Very, very good. Although I discovered that I remembered sweet FA about the haps in the second film! Might borry it off you for a re-watch just so I can remember what I got. I remember a rather funkay scene with a toaster. And being very pissed off about what happened in the river in India (spoiler avoidance?) But I like Bourne a LOT. And the third one has lots more of the up-close scrambling violence and really excellent chase scenes.

    Isn't Bourne a lot like Logan? As in Wolverine, not Echolls. :-) There's some definite X2 shit going on.

  3. weenie says:

    I'll have to watch the trilogy – for some reason, never gotten round to watching any of the movies. Read the first book and enjoyed that one.

  4. Fence says:

    I haven't read any of the books Rod, are they worth reading?

    H, I do remember you spoiling me for that moment alright :) But I'll get over it. Must go see the 3rd over the weekend, although when I'll fit it in what with the football and the rugby I don't know.

    weenie, they are good fun, nothing too taxing.

  5. jean pierre says:

    i love the bourne films, although i do prefer the first.

    i also like how the action scenes are filmed – that close and disorientating view that they use. matt damon's fighting is brilliant for me too – i love how its so economical and focused. he just wants to incapacitate his opponent, nothing else.

  6. Fence says:

    I think that is why it reminded my of Batman Begins JP, focused and always moving forwards.

  7. sally says:

    The Bourne series is one of the few movies I can watch over and over again and again! Yes, the dialogue in places is rather trite and the amnesiac CIA covert ops hitman needing to come to terms with his past is a bit trite as well but, how Bourne navigates his way is always fun to watch…

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