Death of an Ordinary Man by

14 July 2004

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ISBN: 0743252276

Nathan is dead. Only problem is that he doesn’t really know what’s going on. He is stuck with his family, trying to fill in the holes in his memories, as well as figuring out what is going on.

That’s the basic plot, but the book is really about the emotional life of a family. Nathan is the father, husband. A history teacher. Cheryl, the wife, the mother is a writer. Or has been writing without being published all her life. Now she has become a business woman. Then there are the children; Luke, Gina and Lois. Gina is like her mother, full of life with a creative drive and a knowing nature. Luke is just a passionate, but more reserved. And Lois, the youngest, is dead.

Through flashbacks, both Nathan’ own and those of the characters he comes into contact with, we learn what happened Lois, what happened the family as a result and what might become of them

A much more restrained book than others of Duncans, imo, it does touch on some familar themes. Loss, guilt, love, hope, despair, and catholicism.

Really good reading

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