Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind dir. by

15 May 2007

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So you fall in love with someone, things go badly and you break up. Whats the next step? Why deleting them from your memory of course. Isn’t that just a great idea for a film?
It took me a while to go see this film, prolly because of Jim Carrey’s name in the credits. I’ve really liked some of his films; Man in the Moon and whatever that reality TV show one was called, but more often than not I don’t particularly enjoy them

But this is a wonderful film, funny and sad at the same time it illustrates a relationship falling apart, and then through the erasing of Joel’s memories shows us how the relationship began. And shows the audience that these two people clearly love each other. Managing to combine the wackiness of the idea with the tenderness of a love story I really enjoyed this film.

Really nice. But sad at the same time

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