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14 April 2020

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Fitz and the Fool ; Book 3
The Realm of the Elderlings #16

So the trilogy comes to an end. And I guess that fact that I’ve read these books one after another1 that I loved them. My previous posts that stated that fact are probably a decent hint as well…

If you condensed down all the actual *action* and plot in these books you could probably turn it into one shortish book, because, not a huge amount happens. Although tonnes and tonnes happens. Just a lot of it is character growth, character relationships, and emotional stuff. You know, the real good stuff that make for great books.


If you are thinking of reading this series I would recommend that you totally do, but also that maybe you start with the first of the books set in the Six Duchies Assassin’s Apprentice. I actually missed out on one series, The Rain Wild Chronicles and although I never felt lost I do feel that I would have grokked a little more iff I had read that too. Still, all the more reason for me to do an epic Six Duchies reread! It’s only sixteen books!

If I was actually in lockdown like the rest of the world seems to be I would totally start that now, but I still have work at the moment. We’ve switched to help out with the Community Support phone lines that have been set up here, not fulltime, but we’re sharing the load. I have applied for working from home, but so far no update on an approval or set-up so we’ll have to wait and see.

  1. maybe devoured is a better word 

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