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30 April 2020

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I’ve been meaning to read a Myke Cole book for a while now. His name is one that’s been out there floating around as an interesting author, and I’ve seen a few of his tweets, he seems like an interesting guy. So when I read the blurb about Sixteenth Watch I was hoping it’d be something that’d catch my attention. I wanted something totally different from my last read, and I think that military sci-fi is pretty far from epic fantasy.

Plus I never knew that the US Coast Guard is actually part of the US military, and putting them in space seemed like a great idea. We’ve all heard of space marines, but the Coast Guard?

And this was a really good fun read. It starts with a bang, and continues at a good pace the whole way along. Although there is still time for character development and getting to know our main hero.

It is certainly more action-driven than most of my reads, but I enjoyed it, and would certainly read more about Jane Oliver, and the crew in general. Oliver is the main focus though, she is our point of view character and so we never get to learn more about the other characters than she knows or thinks. Some people may want more than that, but the tight focus worked for me. It is a book about Oliver and her role, it makes sense that she is star.

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8 Responses

  1. “I’ve been meaning to read a Myke Cole book for a while now.” You took the words right off my fingertips. I’ve read interviews with him and he has always come off as an interesting guy and I’ve read so many positive reviews of his books. I do like what little military science fiction I’ve read and this one sounds like a good one to do the same thing you did, and cut my teeth on some Myke Cole.

    • Dearbhla says:

      Hi Carl! long time no see. Hope all is well with you and the family and you are coping with lockdown, if your state is in lockdown?

      Cole does come across as an interesting guy in his interviews, and that was part of the reason I wanted to read a book of his. I’ll certainly be on the look out for more and I hope you enjoy his if/when you pick one up.

  2. Yes, we are hanging in there alright. We have had pretty stringent Stay-at-Home orders up until a couple of weeks ago when they shifted into Phase 1 of reopening, with Phase 2 starting Monday. It hasn’t made a big difference for me at this point as the only place I have went different than work and home and the occasional grocery store visit was a brief pop in to Half Price Books on Tuesday because I had been itching to be in a bookstore again. Plus it was empty other than staff and we all wore masks.

    Mary has been working from home this entire time but I’ve still been going in as most of our building is on work at home orders, so its nice for me as I have the lack of contact but can still get out and be a little more normal.


    • Dearbhla says:

      We’ve been in lockdown since the 13th March, although I’ve still had work, half from home and half in the office as library staff were called in to help man public helplines. We’re are starting the re-opening phase at the moment, and libraries here will have limited services from June 8th, Call and Collect, that sort of thing so we’re planning for that.
      I’ve been lucky, all safe here, and I know very few people who actually got Covid, that we know of I suppose, but I think we still need to stay careful. Masks and physical distancing are the way to go.

      Glad to hear you and Mary are coping.

  3. Ours began March 24th, if I remember correctly. We had already started sending a lot of people to work from home before that, however. I think Mary started working from home on the 18th.

    Our local library system started curbside pickup a couple of weeks ago. They have the option of being open, but from what I’ve heard they are so busy with this model that they may just keep doing that for a while to decrease risks.

  4. Picked up a copy of this yesterday.

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