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14 March 2016

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Book one in the Ex-heroes series

Stealth. Gorgon. Regenerator. Cerberus. Zzzap. The Mighty Dragon. They were heroes, using their superhuman abilities to make Los Angeles a better place.
Then the plague of living death spread around the globe. Now, a year later, the heroes struggle to overcome their differences and recover from their own scars as they protect the thousands of survivors huddled in their film-studio-turned-fortress, the Mount.
But the hungry ex-humans are not the only threat the survivors face. Across the city, another group has grown and gained power

Ex-Heroes (Ex-Heroes, #1)Zombies and superheroes! That description will either fill you with glee or with despair ;)

Personally I was filled with glee, and enjoyed plenty of aspects of this book. Told in alternating “then” and “now” chapters, with the “then” chapters being told from the first person POV of different superheroes. There is plenty of action and drama, and it is very readable. However, the female characters do leave a lot to be desired. Stealth seems to be maybe on the autism/asperger’s spectrum, and is so beautiful that she keeps her face covered from all because of that beauty. She also wears a skin-tight outfit that is perfectly designed to draw the gaze to her body.

Apart from her and Cerberus (a sort of Iron-Man type hero) the other main female characters are dead wives/girlfriends there to provide motivation. Which, okay, maybe you might buy given the whole end of the world thing going down, but why aren’t any of the female characters similarly motivated?

And then there’s the fact that all the good guys seem to be white and the bad guys Latino, and well, that ain’t great is it?

Ignore[ref]and of course that is easier for some people than for others[/ref] that, if you can, and it is a decent bit of entertainment. I might even give the second book in the series a try, hopefully a lot of those issues might be improved upon in that one.

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