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19 September 2016

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Awful things happen. Sometimes you’re left alive, but it leaves a Mark. They aren’t tattoos, and they express your hidden powers—and your hidden desires. They grow as you use them. And someone wants them very, very badly…

The MarkedI’m not quite sure where I first came across Saintcrow, probably via someone on twitter. I know someone recommended backing her Indiego project, but I never marked down who it was, and alas, not that memory has gone.

I know at some point I had her mixed up with Deliah S. Dawson, aka Lila Bowen, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t the same person ;)

Anyway, somebody somewhere said back this book. And I am suggestible1 so I did, and so I got my hands on this copy of The Marked. It’s an urban fantasy novel2 which I know is a turn off to some people. But in case you fear the romance, don’t worry3 this isn’t a romance book. It is, instead, a book all about grief and loss, how your life can alter in a second. How those life changing events leave marks behind. And in the case of this book those marks are tattoos, of a sort, and give the bearer power. Different powers, different tattoos, different people.

And it is a really good, gripping read. It is well worth a read. I flew through it, and I will certainly be looking forward to where the story develops in the next book. It is “to be continued” and I’m so looking forward to that.

  1. although not easily led  

  2. the cover gives that away doesn’t it  

  3. why worry romance can be awesome 

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