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8 April 2016

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The Copper Cat trilogy # 2

The Iron Ghost is an entertaining mixture of dragon’s daughters, demons, mages, and evil, and not forgetting the action-packed adventure either.

Story-wise, it takes place after events in The Copper Promise so I really would recommend reading that book first. I probably should have reread the first book, I forgot plenty of details, although as I read I was reminded and I think most of it came back to me. Some of it, of course, couldn’t be forgotten, like Ephemeral and her sisters. I enjoyed them in book 1 and they are given much more to do here, looking forward to seeing where they end up.

The Iron Ghost (The Copper Cat, #2)Personally, I would like a little bit more character introspection, more thoughts from their point of views. This is much more action and deeds based. There are hints of what lurks below, and you can extrapolate so maybe I’m being fussy, because this is very much a fantasy adventure sort of a book. It never slows down at all, and keeps you turning the page constantly.

The chapters themselves are short, only a few pages. This is great because it means you can safely read a little before work sure that you’ll have a place to stop soon. But it is also terrible, because it means you keep saying “just one more chapter, its only short” and then being late clocking back in after lunch… maybe that’s just me?

Williams has some great ideas, the werkens are a fascinating idea, and she has her own take on the creation of zombies that I liked. It did remind me of the Forged ones from Robin Hobb, more in the way they were created than in the way they acted though.

All in all it is a really fun, read, albeit one full of darkness and death. But in a fun way, honest. And I would have no problem recommending this for any fantasy fans. I’ll certainly be reading the next (final?) book in the series.

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