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11 May 2008

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A while back there was a comment left on the blog asking if I wanted a copy of The Gone-Away World, and, as I simply haven’t enough books[1] to read I figured why not. It arrived last week just as I finished Achilles and I thought I may as well give it a go.

The story begins in the Nameless Bar where our narrator, along with ex-special forces turned freebooters, gets a call to deal with a fire on the Pipe. This Pipe is hugely important, in the aftermath of the Gone-Away War it is the only thing keeping the world liveable. He then starts to give us the background to his life, and for most of the rest of the novel the narrator describes his life; childhood and his first meeting with Gonzo Lubitsch and gets pretty much adopted into the Lubitsch family, through his college days and his dabbling in revolutionary thoughts, and on to his role in the Gone-Away war.

And I have to say I really really enjoyed this book. It starts off as a regular action science-fiction book, albeit with ninjas![2] but there is more to it. Off you go and read it.


  1. yes, that was a lie
  2. yay ninjas

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