Rose Under Fire

Born in New York City in 1964, Elizabeth moved to England when she was three and started school there. Elizabeth Wein has lived in Scotland for over ten years and wrote nearly all her novels there. (from her website :

rose under fire

Rose Under Fire by

It is 1944 and American pilot Rose Justice is working in England, she has joined the ATA and is hard at work transporting planes for the RAF, and occasionally flying important people about. Returning from one such mission she encounters a...

A coalition of lions

A coalition of lions by

Book two in The Lion Hunters. After the loss of her family Goewin is forced to flee Britain. In the company of Aksum’s ambassador to Britain, Piamos, she travels across Europe and into Africa. Her father’s ambassador, Constantine, is to be...

The winter prince

The Winter Prince by

Book one in The Lion Hunters Although this book doesn’t really have any fatastical elements, I am still counting it towards this year’s Once Upon a Time challenge because it is an Arthurian legend inspired book. Medraut is the eldest son...

Code name Cerity - Elizabeth Wein

Code name Verity by

Received free from NetGalley “Verity” has been captured by the Germans. Held in a converted hotel in France she is tortured and forced to give up all her secrets. But in her confession and her report on all her secrets she...