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28 May 2020

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The Murderbot Diaries #5

I love Murderbot! and all the robot pals.

Also don’t be put off by this being the fifth in a series and thinking that sounds like a lot of reading. The others in this series are all novellas, you’d fly through them so you would, but even if you don’t pick them up this is a “stand-alone novel”, meaning you don’t need to have read the earlier books. But you should, because they are great.

The central premise is that in the future there is are corporations, and they own stuff, including planets and people and bots. The protagonist of the Murderbot Diaries is a SecUnit, a security bot. Over the course of the previous novellas we learn plenty about MurderBot, and that all adds to this read, but you don’t *need* to have read it, there is plenty of “who is murderbot” here, you’ll catch up.

If you enjoy space-opera, with a touch of “what is a person” and robot pals and found family then I think this is the series for you. Go! read it!

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2 Responses

  1. Such a fantastic series. The novellas are some of the most entertaining reading I’ve done in the last several years. I’ve started this, but am not too far through it.