July & August round up

1 September 2018

I missed my July round-up so today you get two for the price of one. Of course, one is free and two times nothing is still nothing…

I read as much as I could from the Hugo shortlists in July, so that meant a lot of short stories & novellas. Some great reading there, I’d recommend you check them out especially as a lot of the shorter fiction is freely available around the interwebs.

Of course all that reading makes it harder to pick just one from the month, but I think I’ll have to go with Ursula Vernon’s Sun, Moon, Dust which was up for best short story. It didn’t win, that went to “Welcome to your Authentic Indian Experience™,” by Rebecca Roanhorse which was a really interesting read for me, but I didn’t quite grasp it I don’t think. Vernon’s is a much simpler story and its just a fun read, especially if you’ve read any talking sword fantasy fiction before.

Filmwise in July I didn’t review a single film here. But I did watch some, 14 according to my letterboxd diary. And I think my favourite was… Black Panther, which is cheating because it was a rewatch, but this is my blog and I get to do what I want to do, so nyah.

On to August.

Once more I watched 14 films. And again I was pretty bad at reviewing them here, but I did talk about rewatching The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford which I love. However I also rewatched Get Out and that is such a wonderful film it gets my nod for this month.

Bookwise I got through 6 titles; and they were all really good reads. Well, apart from Scott Pilgrim which I totally meh’d on. But I think my favourite for the month has to have been N. K. Jemisin’s The broken kingdoms. Awesome awesome book.

Statswise I’m up to 44 books by women, 18 by men. 40 books by UK & US authors, 3 by LGBTQ identifying authors and 18 with LGBTQ characters.

I am also starting a new project. A long-term reading project involving “world literature”. I am going to slowly make my way through How to read World Literature and once a month read a book that is mentioned in it. Starting in September with The Tale of Genji

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