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26 August 2018

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The Inheritance trilogy ; 2

I pretty much devoured this book. I just couldn’t stop reading once I started; it was awesome.

It starts ten years after the events of The hundred thousand kingdoms and deals with some of the fall out from the events in book one. However, if you wanted you could read this without any knowledge of the first book. I wouldn’t, because the first book is great too, but you know, people are strange.

The narrator is Oree, a blind artist who has come to the city of Sky in order to make a life for herself. But when she discovers the body of a murdered godling her life turns upside down.

I really liked this book. I mean, I liked the first one, but I thought this was even better. It builds wonderfully on the world of the first, expanding the world while focusing on smaller details. That’s not quite what I want to say. I mean, the first was about rulers and power; the main character was high up in society. This book is about the every-person character, or even a person slightly below that rung. Oree is an outsider both because of where she comes from and the fact that she is blind and so different to many other people around her. She has no influence or power in society, and yet her actions might change a world.

I also just loved Oree as a character. She’s wonderful.

This whole book is wonderful. I sortof don’t want to read any other book at the moment because I don’t think it could be as good as this one…

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