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19 August 2018

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The Murderbot Diaries ; book 3

This is another book that I’ve had on preorder ever since I knew it was coming out. I loved the first two Murderbot books, The Cloud Roads was pretty damn entertaining too. So I’d count myself as a fan of Martha Wells.

Rogue Protocol picks up after the events of Artificial Condition, so it you haven’t read the other two novellas in this series then I wouldn’t recommend you pick this up. Instead go and read All Systems Red. If you don’t love it I don’t know what to say.

I really love the character of Murderbot, they’re so grumpy but good-hearted. If you can say a bot has a heart…

I can’t really say anything more than I love Morderbot. I can’t wait for novella four, and then the novel! A world that gives me more murderbot stories can’t be all bad.

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