A Slip of the Keyboard by

A week or two before Terry Pratchett died A slip of the keyboard and A blink of the screen arrived for me from amazon. I added them to the bookshelves, thinking I’ll get to them in a bit. And then came the news that Pterry had died. It was strange how surprising that news was. RIP Terry Pratchett.

So I picked up this, a collection of Pratchett’s non-fiction. It is a collection of various essays and articles and bits’n’bobs that Pratchett has written over the years. Some of his talks at events and cons, a wide variety of subject matter. There is some repetition of ideas, but that is only to be expected, especially with the speeches, but that didn’t lesson my enjoyment of this book.

The first section mainly covers writing and fans and the world of fantasy fiction. Pratchett’s thoughts on a wide range of fantasy-related subjects.

The last section, Days of Rage, cover his thoughts on Alzheimer’s and assisted dying and all that anger.

The introduction by Neil Gaiman is well worth a read if you haven’t already.

If you are a Pratchett fan then this is well worth reading, I think it is a book that you dip in and out of, read an essay here, an essay there. Some are quite short, you’d read them in a few minutes.

I think that it is time to begin a Discworld reread at some point very soon.

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