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19 August 2018

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Wayfarers ; book 3

I really loved the other book by Chambers that I’ve read. They were just wonderful. So of course I had this on pre-order and started reading it as soon as I could.

It tells the story of the descendents of those who left Earth on the Fleet. The people who were too poor to flee to Mars. Instead they built the Exodus Fleet and made a new home for themselves among the stars, looking for a planet at first. But now, with the help of aliens, the fleet has a star of its own and so continues on. No longer journeying but still providing a home to the many many humans on board.

I really wanted to love this book, because I’ve loved all the others. And I love Chamber’s optimistic fiction; it is so great to read about people who actually try their best.

Unfortunately, and maybe it was just my mood while reading it, I didn’t really click with this book until more than halfway through. There are many different viewpoint narrators, and it just didn’t work for me. The plot itself seemed didn’t seem to come alive until too fat into the book. And while I still enjoyed the book, I love Chamber’s style of writing, I didn’t love this as much as the others.

I’ll still be looking out for more by Chambers and I will reread this at some point.

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