April 2018 additions to mount tbr

15 April 2018

This month I’ve added 6 titles to my TBR list:

  1. Adeyemi, Tomi – Children of Blood and Bone rec’d by Ana @booksmugglers “a superb, exciting, astonishing mix of Avatar: the Last Airbender and Black Panther.”
  2. Ng, Jeanette – Under the pendulum sun rec’d by Smart Bitches “If JANE EYRE, JONATHAN STRANGE & MR. NORREL, LABYRINTH, and CRIMSON PEAK had a baby and that baby subsisted solely on apocryphal Christian theology and acid, that would be this book.”
  3. Lunde, Maje Blue rec’d by me because I finished her “History of Bees
  4. Hartman, Rachel – Tess of the road rec’d by Smart Bitches “this book is a feminist, sex-positive, affirming exploration of grief and the need for physical and emotional freedom”
  5. British Library’s Lost Mars rec’d by Ellie Warren at Curiosity killed the bookworm
  6. Kirstein, Rosemary – Language of power rec’d by me, because I finished The Lost Steersman

So, 27 added so far this year… although I have read six of them already.

Have you added anything interesting to your TBR list? Do you even keep a TBR list?

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