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7 April 2017

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One of the reasons Wheatley wanted to make this film is that he has seen so many huge epic battles on screen recently. Explosions! Gun battles! action everywhere, but a clean and almost bloodless version of action. He wanted to make something smaller, more intimate. But with just as much action. And action with consequences. People don’t die cleanly in this film, bullets hit and wound and blood flows, and in the end a lot of people do die, but slowly.

Which probably makes this film sound a little like a torture-porn film. It isn’t. It is about as far from that as you can get. Because while the violence is there, and the blood, and the pain, there is also a huge amount of humour.

I really enjoyed it, but it is also the sort of film that I can’t really see myself eagerly searching out for a rewatch. If it was on, yeah, I’d probably tune in, but it hasn’t stuck with me and it certainly isn’t calling out for a second viewing.

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