American Dreamz dir. by

23 April 2006

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The things you’ll do for family. Yes, I took my little sister and my cousin to see this horrible excuse for a film while I was in Sligo this weekend. It was truly terrible.

The basic plot isn’t all that awful. There is a reality show with an unpleasant English host. There is an American president more than a little unsure of what is going on. There are manipulative wannabe stars and gullible boyfriends. Picture all that, now through in a reluctant singing and dancing terrorist who ends up as a the novelty item. Oh, and may just turn out to be a suicide bomber.

Got all that. See how it maybe could have been funny if done in a South Park style. Yeah, it wasn’t.

If you are going to make fun of people blowing themselves up live on TV then you really need to go all out on the bad taste factor. This doesn’t, and it isn’t funny. Just in poor taste.

In short, it is one to be avoided.

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2 Responses

  1. Damn. I was hoping it would be good, because I love Hugh Grant movies, and the cast and director are so promising. I guess I'll wait until it's in the cheap theatre and go with my 50 cent admission coupon :)

    BTW, I went to school with someone who was actually named William Williams. We called him Wills. What were his parents thinking?

  2. Fence says:

    Well my 16 yo cousin enjoyed it. And so did the sister. So maybe it just didn't suit me.

    Willem Dafoe was interesting as an old politician dude. But for the most part its yawn worthy.

    Names like William Williams or Harry Harrison must be something to do with family tradition. Mustn't they? Only explanation.