Look at the pretties : Ian MacCulloch

7 November 2016

A while back, trying to make my facebook feed somewhat prettier I followed a few art pages. So I get to see some great art. But sometimes they forget to link to the artist’s webpage, or twitter/facebook/social media of their choice. I figure that if I like the art enough to go find out more about the artist then maybe other people will also like to look at these pretties1 .

First up, Ian MacCulloch, who I came to via Animalarium on facebook. The picture they shared was his “Badger Family”

Woodcut entitled Badger Family by Ian MacCulloch

Badger Family by Ian MacCulloch

So first off, I love the subject. Badgers are awesome animals. But I loved the picture too. I don’t know much about art technique and criticism, but, as the old saying goes, I know what I like. And I like this, the lines, the light, the contrast. So I googled him for more.

Ian MacCulloch

Website : http://www.ianmacculloch.com/ where we’re told that MacCulloch

studied at Northampton School Of Art. He exhibits regularly in the UK and abroad. Ian’s work encompasses a wide variety of subject matter, from animals to architecture and is realised in a variety of printmaking media. Other inspiration comes from the natural and manmade landscape often observed in the evening
or early morning when the low sun reveals hidden texture and detail. Many of his prints are handcoloured in order to increase vibrancy and atmosphere.

and I really loved all his work. I’m a big fan of British & Irish animals, but foxes, badgers and hares are all such wonderful artistic subjects. Plus then you have all the folklore and myths associated with them. Added value, so to speak :)

You can also find MacCulloch’s work online at the Julian Jardine gallery and at Obsidian Art. You can buy prints and originals from those sites too.

  1. course said pretties may not actually be pretty, its just a phrase to use  

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4 Responses

  1. Richard R. says:

    I love that badger illustration! Badgers are very cool to look at and read about, and as characters in such books as WIND IN THE WILLOWS, and the Redwall books. Thank you for the piece and links.

    • Fence says:

      Oh yes, Good Old Badger in Wind in the Willows :) I think I’ve only ever read extracts from the book itself, but I really enjoyed the television adaptation they use to show back when I was a child. Have you ever seen it?

  2. Richard R. says:

    No, unless you mean the animated one Disney did. It worth your time to read the book.