Mount TBR – November

15 November 2016

  • tbrnov
  • conspiracy-of-ravens
    Bowen, Lila - Conspiracy of Ravens rec'd by me! sequel to Wake of Vultures, which was great
  • lives-of-tao
    Chu Wesley - The lives of Tao rec'd by the author on reddit (via " I want Roen Tan to fight Rand Al’Thor from Robert Jordan’s excellent Wheel of Time. Rand got a hand cut off but so we’ll let him use a sword. Roen isn’t allowed a weapon because we are a civilized folk and demand relatively fair odds."
  • planetfall-cover
    Newman, Emma Planetfall @Books_Pieces on her Booktube/Vlog
  • starlit-road
    The Starlit Wood: New Fairy Tales rec'd by Barnes & Noble's October picks - plus its a collection of Fairy tales. Of course I'm interested
  • territory
    Bull, Emma - Territory rec'd by Little red reviewer "Reading this book was like climbing under a soft heavy blanket – everything just felt right" also its got horses and magic. Sounds awesome
  • the-beauty
    Whitely, Aliya - The Beauty rec'd by Ellie at Curiosity killed the bookworm : "The fungus claimed the women. All of them. The men and boys left behind must live their lives with the knowledge they will be the last. Little do they know what lies in the woods, what grows in the graves of their lost loved ones…"
  • the-phoenix-in-flight
    Smith, Sherwood & Trowbridge, Dave - The Phoenix in Flight, rec'd by Courtney Schafer on LadyBusiness : "Exordium [series] is five volumes of rip roaring yet intelligent space opera ... "like Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond, but in space."

Also added since the last Mount TBR were :

  • Mieville, China- This census-taker rec’d by me! it’s China Mieville READ
  • McBride, Eimear- The Lesser Bohemians rec’d by me! I loved her A Girl Is A Half-Formed thing READ
  • Walton, Jo – Half a crown rec’d by me! Adored Ha’Penny READ

Have you added any interesting books to your Mount TBR?

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2 Responses

  1. Kailana says:

    I really want The Starlit Wood! And added others to my wish list…
    Kailana´s last blog post ..Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Favourite Films